I´m always thinking and having new ideas, but sometimes I just have to be inspired.

Collage, Illustrations – Cut & Paste, selected by Miguel Abellán (monsa)


Collage, is an artistic technique that combines diverse elements as a whole, sometimes it breathes surrealism, on  others, vanguard, but it always contains a fusion of free intentions to be interpreted by the observer. Originality and complexity world be the most relevant criteria of this discipline, where unpredictable nuances arise during its preparation.
A set of images, where proportions and characters, take on another dimension, the feature that emphasizes this technique, where the conjugation of elements creatively searches for an objective or a function.
From the photomontage, to the digital collage, the technique which have taken no multiplo styles and languages, we have presented to you in this book, with different designers, the most prominent in the international scene.