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Ira Glass

​”Nobody tells this to people who are begginers, I wish someone told me. All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good…

white black collage

Beauty Photo | experiências

Fashion Beauty Collage – Link, Projects  


Weekend, Sun and a Pineapple

This weekend will be about planning my work life, having some fun with my friends at Saturday dinner, and enjoying some time with my boyfriend (in love). I´m…

digital collage

Collage Birthday Party

  TODAY (15 JAN) IT`S MY BIRTHDAY ! I love this day and I love celebrating it with my friends and family !


Is This The Real Life?

Ohh I love this Collage work. It´s simple, clean and REAL. Create your Destiny.

Socorro ! Só lá vão estar artistas !

“Não é difícil tornar-se fluente em gíria profissional. Imaginemos por exemplo que foi convidada para a inauguração de uma exposição de pintura, onde irá certamente encontrar muitos artistas. Se não falar a…